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A roof replacement can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 on average.  But these costs vary significantly based on factors such as the size of your home, labor costs, roofing materials, and slope of the roof, among others.

If you need a roof replacement and want to know how much it could cost you, we can be of help. Our network consists of reputable and reliable roofers serving all of Ontario and Quebec.

As far as roofing materials are concerned, homeowners have many options. Some of these materials cost more but provide more durability and longevity. Cheaper ones will require a replacement sooner.  

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Factors that affect the cost of a new roof

Slope and pitch of a roof affect the cost of a new roof.

There are several factors that have an impact on the total cost of a roof replacement. These factors are broken down in the quote from a contractor. They could include:

  • The size of the home

  • The pitch and slope of the roof

  • Your selected roofing materials

  • Permits

  • Labor costs

  • Removal of old materials

Contractors may summarize the costs in two classifications:

  • The cost of materials (usually about 40% of the total cost)

  • Labor and installation costs (usually about 60% of the total cost)

Below we will show you the cost of various types of roofing materials to give you a better idea of your options.

What are the prices of the different types of roofing materials?

Professional roofer installing a metal roof.

Below you will find the average cost of a new roof based on the type of material in 2022.

The information will be helpful to you in choosing the type of roof most suitable to your needs and budget.

Type of Roof

Cost Per Sq. Ft. 

Cost per Sq.
(100 ft.)

Average Cost to Install
(3,000 sq. ft. )

Asphalt Shingle

$1.75 to $4.00

$175 to $350

$5,550 to $10,000

Concrete Tiles

$5 to $7.50

$400 to $750

$12,000 to $22,000


$4.50 to $9.50

$425 to $850

$12,800 to $25,000

Cedar Shingles

$6 to $10

$600 to $1,000

$13,000 to $23,000


$2 to $5

$185 to $500

$5,000 to $17,000


$8 to $13

$700 to $1,300

$21,000 to $38,000


$3.50 to $29

$310 to $2,800

$44,000 to $89,000


$3 to $5

$250 to $400

$6,500 to $11,500

Solar Shingles

$22 to $25

$2,000 to $2,500

$44,000 to $76,000

*These prices can vary based on the size of the home and the existing roof design/slope.

Roof estimates will vary, in general by $2,000 to $4,000 for the same type of work from multiple contractors.  

The best practice for planning a roof replacement is to compare at least 3 quotes from different contractors and ensure that their bids include all costs.

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What is the cost of labor for a roof replacement?

In truth, the cost of labor for installing a new roof should be the same among contractors. Labor cost accounts for a big chunk of the total cost. Roofers estimate the labor cost based on the roof style of the home and the difficulty of installing the roof.

The labor cost for a roofing project is from $150 to $350 per square foot based on the type of material and the condition of the roof.  Usually, expect the cost of labor to make up about 60% of the total cost.

If the roof you choose is more complicated to install, your labor cost will increase. Higher-quality roofs require more expertise for installation and will also have higher labor costs.

Full or Partial Roofing Renovation

If you are considering a full replacement of the roof, you will be paying more. The contractor will remove the old materials and dispose of them, too.

If the roof only has a few damaged shingles or can still be repaired, you will pay less. A reliable roofer can tell you whether you need a full or partial roof replacement.

Compare how long a new roof can last

When investing in a new roof, it is important to choose based on the lifespan of your roof.  The type of material you choose will tell you exactly how long you can expect it to last.

Type of Roof

Estimated Lifespan
Asphalt Shingle Roof20 years
Aluminum roof5-7 years
Fiber cement roof25 years
Cedar Shingle roofs30++ years
Metal roofs50++ years
Clay roofLifetime
Copper roofLifetime

As you can see, the type of material will tell you when you will need to get a new roof. Invest in a high-quality roof to get more value out of your renovation.

Is it ideal to invest in a new roof?

A new roof increases home value.

A new roof is a good investment. According to the Cost vs. Value report of Remodeling Magazine, a new roof can increase the value of a home by as much as 68%.

Thus, if you invest $22,636 on a new asphalt shingle roof, you can increase home value by about $15,427.

A new roof not only improves the safety and quality of your home but also its price at resale.

How to choose the right roof cover for your home

Choosing the right materials for your roof is very important if you want it to last long.

Find a contractor that offers superior roofing material in your area and ask for advice about the best material suited to your local climate conditions.

Below are some factors that affect the durability of a roof: 

  • The amount of sun the roof is exposed to can weaken the roof
  • Temperature variations and severe weather conditions negatively impact the condition of the roof
  • Dark-colored roofs don’t last as long
  • High-pitched roofs are better
  • The roof must be far from trees as debris can weaken the roof
  • Two-layered roofing has a shorter lifespan (putting a new roof on top of the old one)
  • The roof installation quality also affects the lifespan of the roof
  • Poor ventilation also shortens a roof’s lifespan

You already have a good idea of how long a roof is expected to last based on the materials used.

Prolong the life of a new roof by taking into account the factors outlined above and choose the right contractor from our network.

Which type of roof is best for your home?

Consider the best roofing material for your home.

Would you like your roof to be more energy-efficient? How much can you spend on a new roof? How long would you like your roof to last?

Your answers to the above questions can help you choose from among the top 4 best roofing materials.

Asphalt shingle roof is the most popular choice among homeowners because of:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Fire resistance 
  • Lower price compare to other good-quality roofs  
  • Different designs and colours 
  • Lasts from 15 to 20 years
  • Energy efficient 

Cedar shingle roofs are also popular because: 

  • They are beautiful and durable
  • Lasts from 50 to 60 years
  • Higher energy efficiency compared to asphalt shingle roofs
  • Adds more value to the home at resale

This type of roof requires regular maintenance to prevent mold and mildew.

Metal roofs are becoming more popular nowadays because of:

  • Higher energy efficiency compared to asphalt shingles and cedar shingles
  • Fire resistant
  • Can last more than 50 years
  • Available in a wide variety of designs and colours
  • 100% recyclable
  • Can help to lower insurance premiums
  • Resistant to wind

Metal roofs are more expensive and are more vulnerable to hail and sun exposure.

Concrete tile roofs are also increasing in popularity because:

  • They can last a lifetime
  • Storm and fire resistant
  • Energy efficient

You need to take note that concrete tiles are heavier and additional structures may be required so that your home can bear the added weight. A good sealant will also be needed because this type of roof is not water-repellant.

To make the best decision, you need to plan based on how long you plan to live in the home and what your budget can afford.

Speak to our expert partner roofers to get valuable advice on your roofing options.

How to avoid Hidden Roof Replacement Costs

Compare professional quotes for a roof replacement.

Before hiring a roofing contractor, it is important to verify that the quote you received is complete and transparent.

A good way to avoid paying hidden costs is to find a trustworthy and local contractor with the appropriate license and insurance. Make sure that the contractor has a physical address.

Some of the signs to watch out for when hiring a roofing contractor:

  • Avoid dealing with contractors who require large sums of deposit upfront. 
  • Never sign a contract immediately and take the time to do your research
  • When comparing quotes, know that their estimates should fall within the same range for the same type of work and materials. Be wary of a quote that is unusually low. 

When planning your roofing renovation, avoid hidden costs by choosing the right contractor for your project.

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Verified contractors for roof repair or replacement.

Are you looking for a roofing contractor for your roof renovation? You are in the right place because our network has verified and reliable roofers in your area.

Our system ensures that you get matched to experienced and qualified contractors so you can compare and get the best price. 

This means your renovation will be hassle-free and of high-quality so your money is well-spent.

Your home is your most important asset so we understand you want only the best value for your money.

Roof problems are usually urgent and must be attended to as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems or more extensive damage.

Our partner roofers will be happy to offer you accurate and competitive quotes to suit your needs and budget.

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Why hire verified roofers from our network?

It is easy enough to find a roofer that would offer you an inexpensive roofing replacement but you could live to regret it. 

In many cases, you won’t know that the contractor did sub-standard work until you experience leaks or see damage to your home.  Unfortunately, such repairs may not be covered by your home insurance policy.

This is why it pays to hire a verified roofing contractor with the right qualifications, insurance, and experience. For these professionals, you may pay a little more but you will have more peace of mind and get value for your investment over the long term.

The biggest advantage of working with a reputable roofing contractor is the warranty. Professionals stand by their work and will provide good quality and reliable roofing replacement or repairs. If something is not right, a contractor will do what is necessary with no extra cost to you.

Now isn’t peace of mind worth paying a little more for your roofing renovation?

Replacing a roof can cost thousands of dollars and has a big impact on the value of your home. You want it to last as long as possible.

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Questions to ask a roofing contractor

Ask the right questions before hiring a roof contractor.

Before the start of your renovation, it is essential to ask questions from your contractor. Talking about the project will give you a feel of what it is like, how they communicate.  

You will also get to see if you trust them and feel confident in their abilities.

We recommend you ask the following questions from your potential contractor:

How long have you been in the business? (Company name and license number) What is your insurance coverage?

These are important questions as you need to hire a qualified and insured contractor.  You want to make sure you are protected in case problems arise during construction or thereafter.

How long will the project take?

Knowing the time table for your project will let you plan ahead and prepare adequately.  When you sign a contract, it will state the start period and date of completion.

Do you provide turnkey renovation solutions?

Most contractors can offer a turnkey service – delivery of materials, installation, clean-up, and disposal of waste. Contractors will tailor their services based on your needs.

Who will supervise the work?

Reputable contractors will have a supervisor on site while the work is on-going.

What warranties do you offer for the work? 

One of the advantages of working with a good contractor is the warranty for the work. This means if something is not right after the installation, the contractor will fix the issues without additional charges. Knowing this, reliable contractors ensure that the quality of their work is of good quality.

Are you responsible for the clean-up?

The roofers should not leave any mess after the work is done. Check if the cleaning up and disposal of waste materials including the old materials are included in the quote.

Is your quote guaranteed? Are there other possible add-ons?

You should verify if the quote is guaranteed to avoid any unpleasant surprises.  Most contractors would want to do a roofing inspection before giving a final quote.  The contractor will want to see the actual condition of the roof to be able to estimate the cost of repair or replacement as accurately as possible.

These questions are a good start. You can always add other questions more specific to your situation as needed. The important thing is to be clear from the start about what you are getting into and choose the right contractor.

How much does a roof replacement cost?

Get accurate quotes for a roof replacement.

The quotes you will receive from roofers are likely to vary based on their qualifications, experience, the quality of services, and other factors.

Pitched roofs will be more expensive to replace compared to flat roofs because the area is bigger and more materials as well as labour are required for the work.

The size and height of the roof, slope, and the quality of materials you choose will also affect the cost. On average, materials could cost from $8 to $50 per square foot.

Surveys show that the average price of a roofing renovation in the country is from $5,000 to $25,000. 
Take a look at the average prices of a roof replacement based on the type of roofing material.

Average Cost of a Roof Replacement Per Type of Material

Type of roofing material

Average cost for 2000 sq. ft. home

Asphalt shingles
(3-tab shingles, fiberglass shingles, organic)

$5,000- $12,000 plus labour


$7,500 – $12,000 plus labour


$7,000 – $10,000 plus labour


$8,000 – $15,000 plus labour

Wood shakes

$18,000 – $25,000 plus labour


$15,000 – $32,000 plus labour


$25,000 – $50,000 plus labour


$50,000 – $65,000 plus labour

For roofing renovations, paying less is not necessarily the cheapest or the best option. For instance, you can save on the initial cost of a roof replacement with asphalt shingles but you will also replace it sooner.

In the long run, investing in a higher quality roof that lasts longer can be a less costly option. Of course, this all depends on your budget.

If you are unsure about the right roofing material to choose, consider the cost, lifespan, and the return on investment to help you make the right decision.

Our partner roofers can explain everything you need to know. Compare free and no-obligation quotes using our short online form to connect with reliable roofers in your area.

Factors that also affect the cost of a roof replacement

Although the type of material you choose for your roofing project has the biggest impact on the cost, other factors also play a role in the overall cost.

  • Climate or weather
  • Accessibility for repair or installation
  • Labour costs
  • Insurance or incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades in your area
  • Waste removal
  • Waterproofing issues

These factors can drive up renovation prices so make sure to compare multiple quotes using our short online form to find the best contractor for the job.

How long does a roof replacement take?

Roof installation by qualified contractors.

The replacement time for a roof varies based on the shingles you choose, the complexity of your roof design, and even the weather conditions. 

Asphalt shingles can take 1 or 2 days to replace while wood shakes can take about 6 days. Slate tiles take longer to install at around 7-8 days.

Hire a reputable roof contractor to ensure your roof installation is on time and of high quality.  Even if delays occur due to unexpected issues such as weather conditions, you can be assured that the roof contractor will finish the work as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.

How to find the right contractor for a roof replacement

Finding a good and reliable roofing contractor is the first step to a successful roof renovation. So how do you find the right one for your project?

You should check into the following when hiring a roof contractor.

  • Industry Experience: It is advisable to work with a contractor who has been in the business for 5 years or more. They are more likely be stable and already have a good track record.

  • Reputation: Do your research and check on your potential contractor’s reputation by checking with the Better Business Bureau and even online reviews.  You should also ask the contractor for references from their previous clients in the last 3-6 months.

  • Certifications: Many contractors have certifications from manufacturers like GAF or Owens Corning for best practices in roof installation. Some contractors also specialize in specific types of roof materials such as asphalt shingles or cedar shakes.

Fortunately for you, we have already vetted our roofing partners thoroughly based on their qualifications, experience, quality of services, and customer service.

All you need to do to find the right contractor for a roofing replacement is to fill out the form on this page, free of charge.

Steps to get a new roof with a good contractor

Easy steps to get a new roof with a good contractor.

We are sure that you now have a good idea of what you need to get a roof replacement. Once you know what type of material you want, it is time to select a contractor.

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You will receive your offers from our partners in your area.

Compare them and don’t hesitate to speak to our partners to ask questions or to negotiate the price.

Once you have selected your roofer, he will begin by inspecting your roof, removing the old materials, and installing the new roof.

As you can see, a roofing renovation can be easy and simple when you have the right person for the job. It is our goal to help you find the right roofing specialist for your project so you can save time and money.

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Well-maintained roof with soffits, fascia, and eavestrough.

Did you know that the soffits and fascia on your roof affect the appearance of your home?  Both are very critical parts of your building. Without them, pests can easily get in and the attic’s ventilation is also negatively affected.

When ventilation is poor, moisture builds up and causes serious problems to your roof and your home’s energy efficiency.

Every component of the home is crucial to its overall function. While soffits and fascias may seem minor, know that they are more important than you think!

If you research the parts of a roof, you will find that soffits and fascia are primary topics.

Connect with reliable roofing contractors in your area using our short online form to compare free and no-commitment quotes.

Everything to know about soffits and fascia repair

Rain gutter system with fascia and soffit repair.

As mentioned earlier, the soffits and fascia are necessary to complete a roof.

The soffit can be seen from the ground because it is installed beneath the fascia. It needs to be positioned in a manner that lets air to circulate freely within the lower roof.

The fascia is a wooden board attached to the trusses and placed on the roof’s edge.

If you are a new homeowner, you need to understand the role that soffits and fascia play in maintaining the condition of your roofing system. Below you will find more details about each one so you can keep them in good condition.

Soffits: What they do and how to repair them

Soffit and fascia repair by professionals.

The overlapping section of a roof has a soffit installed underneath it. Small holes allow the air to circulate under the roof and the attic. These improve moisture control and the air quality in the home.

As they are underneath the fascia, soffits are exposed to moisture and the outdoor elements. For this reason, moisture-resistant materials such as vinyl and UPVC are highly-recommended.

Soffits are directly underneath the roof’s overhanging as it connects the siding to the roof.  Thus, a seal is created to prevent water from entering the home. The soffit’s most important function is to keep good air circulation and ventilation through the roof, especially during summer when hot air can get trapped. If this happens, the home’s interior sweats which could result in mildew or mold growth.

Trapped heat during winter can also result in ice dams on the roof that can cause damage to the gutter system and the roof’s shingles.

The soffits in your home also keeps pests away.  When the soffit is damaged, unwelcome pests are invited inside your home.

A routine inspection by a roofing professional can identify soffit issues right away. Unsupported gutters and leaks are probably due to soffit issues. Discoloration and leaks can also indicate issues regarding ventilation. For instance, if soffits are blocked, the attic will have poor ventilation.

Keep the home well-maintained with professional repairs from roofing contractors.

The cost of soffits and fascia repair

Installation of soffits by roofing contractor.

It is important to choose the right soffits. You must compare designs, materials, and styles of roofs to make the best choice.

Many homeowners choose smooth or paneled styles to complement their home’s design. A roofing contractor can advise you on the best soffit that suits your roof.

Repair of soffits and fascia boards cost around $12 to $15 per linear foot, on average. This can come to about $3,000 for 250 linear feet.

You will find that the costs vary among contractors and locations. Other factors such as accessibility of the roof (height, slope), fascia materials, and labor costs all play role in the total cost.

Contractors may also charge an additional cost for the removal and disposal of soffits and fascia at about $4 to $8 per linear foot for labor and materials.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to request for estimates from our experienced roofing partners. Just fill out the short online form on this page and receive no-obligation offers.

The cost of a fascia board installation

Fascia board installation with gutter system.

The most popular choice for a fascia board material is wood. It is visually appealing, affordable, and easy to install.

Fiber cement is another popular choice and is sold per square foot. Vinyl and aluminum are more expensive and harder to install but also require less maintenance.

Compare the prices of fascia boards based on materials as shown below.

Type of materialCost per linear foot
Wood$2 – $5
Composite$2 – $8
Cement board$2 – $5
Vinyl$5 to $10
Aluminum$10 to $20

Of course, it would be difficult to get an accurate quote from roofing professionals without details regarding the size, condition, and materials of your roof.

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Signs of damage to your soffits and fascia

Damaged fascia board needing repairs.

Your soffits and fascia need repairs if you see the following:

  • Leaks in the gutter
  • Overflow of water
  • Wall stains or brownish spots
  • Sagging fascia
  • Rotten wood

These signs require your attention whether you see only one or multiple signs. Damage to your roof can increase the longer you wait.

It is not enough to repaint the fascia if you see discoloration. It only improves aesthetics but the inside of the fascia may no longer be in good condition.

Get a roofing contractor to inspect the roof and its components to address issues and get the best solutions.

How to maintain fascia and soffits in good condition

Regular cleaning of the gutter system.

Maintaining the soffits and fascia board in good condition can save you a lot of money in repairs. Gutters and eaves, as well as the roof, are at risk if you neglect them.

Below are steps to take to maintain soffits and fascia board in perfect condition.

  1. Inspection and cleaning of gutters annually.
    If gutters are blocked, water accumulates and weighs down supports. This can cause leaks and costly repairs.  Schedule annual cleaning of gutters by professionals for only a minimum price.
  2. Upgrade drip edges.
    Drip edges cost as little as $1/linear foot. It directs water from the roof to the gutters to effectively drain the water.
  3. Repaint the fascia board.
    If an annual inspection of the roof shows no problems are present, paint the fascia boards every few years to repel moisture and prevent rotting.

Fascia, Soffit, and Gutter Replacement

If you are getting a new gutter, you will also need to install new soffits and fascia board.  Contractors charge from $2,000 to $5,000 for installing gutter, soffits, and fascia.

It is a good idea to get multiple quotes to compare to save money. Get estimates using our short online form from roof repair services in your area.

Our partner contractors offer a wide variety of roofing services including:

  • Roof inspection
  • Roof maintenance
  • Attic air sealing
  • Skylights
  • Ventilation
  • Roof replacement
  • Roof repairs
  • Siding replacement
  • Soffits, fascia boards, and eavestrough

We have the best professional roofers in our network serving all of Quebec and Ontario!

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FAQS about roof repairs and roofing services

Get answers to FAQs about roof repairs and services.

We know that you may have questions regarding roof repairs or roofing services offered by roofing specialists. Of course, when you observe problems with your soffits or gutter system, you would want to check if other issues are present so they can be resolved.

When it comes to your roof and its many parts, our roofing partners can assist with whatever you require.

Why is attic ventilation important?

Proper attic ventilation prevents moisture buildup and prolongs the lifespan of the roof. It is also important to prevent the growth of mold and mildew and keep the air quality in the home at good and safe levels.

When an attic is adequately ventilated, a cool and consistent temperature can be maintained inside the roof. The recommended attic ventilation is 1:300 which means 1 square feet for every 300 square feet. Half of the vents are normally placed close to the eaves.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

Many factors determine how often your gutters need cleaning. Many homeowners schedule cleaning twice a year. The start of autumn and the beginning of spring are ideal times for gutter cleaning. This ensures that the gutters are ready for falling leaves and for melting snow and rain.

If there are many trees near your roof, leaves accumulate fast and cleaning of the gutters and eavestroughs must be done more often.

What is the function of soffits?

Soffits enhance the aesthetics of the roof but if plays an important role in the roofing system, too. It works like a skin to keep the rafter beams covered. Soffits are available in many colors and styles.

If your rafter beams are not protected, mold can form and cause rotting.

Who should I contact for the replacement of gutters or soffits?

Many roofing companies offer services for the replacement of gutters, soffits, and fascia boards. They may also offer exterior siding replacement, roof repairs, and other services for maintaining the roofing system.

Why is aluminum better than wooden soffits?

Aluminum is higher in price but it does not burn, crack, or chip.  It may also be harder to insulate but overall, aluminum is a great choice for soffits.  It is also very stylish and durable and does not become brittle with sun exposure.

When is the best time to replace the roof?

Autumn is a popular time for roofing renovations because the temperature is ideal for work, asphalt seals well, and roofers can work efficiently.

Of course, don’t wait if you need emergency roof repairs.

Compare roofing quotes from reliable roofers near you

Hire a professional roofer for peace of mind.

Whether you need new gutters, siding, soffits, fascia boards, or replace the entire roof, our roofing partners can help you!

Roofing specialist throughout Quebec and Ontario are part of our vast network to serve your roofing needs throughout the year.

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Take advantage of warranties for workmanship and materials for your peace of mind from reputable and licensed roofing contractors.

Roofing professional working on roof installation.

A roof replacement is a major investment. It is sure to cost thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your home. But while it can be quite expensive, it is a very important one because it protects your home, your family, and everything inside the home.

Because it is a sizable purchase, you want to make sure your new roof will last you many, many years.

For this reason, you must work with reputable roofing contractors in your area so that your new roof is durable and installed properly.

The first step would be to obtain multiple quotes from licensed contractors to compare and find the best deal. You will notice that roofing estimates vary based on the type of material and your choice of contractor.

Are roofing estimates negotiable? How can you lower the cost of your roof replacement?

To make your project cost-effective, you need to choose a high-quality roof from a roofing contractor. If you look for the cheapest one out there, you can save a few hundred dollars initially but spend thousands more on repairs in the future.

How can you negotiate the offer of a roofing contractor? It is always possible but certain factors need to be considered, too.

Let us show you how you can find the best roofing deal for your roof replacement before you sign a contract.

Once you are ready to compare roofing estimates, just fill out the short online form on this page to receive free and no-obligation quotes.


What is included in a roofing quote?

Roofing estimates include type of material and warranties.

When you ask for a roofing quote from a contractor, the quote should include the following:

  • The type and cost of the materials;
  • Labor;
  • Transportation cost;
  • Additional costs (taxes, etc.)
  • Terms of payment
  • Schedule (Start and completion date)
  • Warranties

The contractor must also inform you if he is using subcontractors. A detailed description of the warranties (labor and materials) should also be included.


Choosing from potential roofing contractors

Roofing contractors offer roof installation with popular materials.

Smart homeowners know how to shop for a new roof by getting multiple estimates from different contractors.

That is well and good. Contractors will present you with details of their offers and sing praises for their roofing products to get you to sign a contract.

In most cases, however, homeowners only pay attention to the dollar figure at the bottom of the offer which represents the total cost. When this happens, the homeowner chooses the least expensive quote even if it is not the best choice.

Keep in mind that you want a roof that will last as long as possible based on the price and will also positively affect the value of your home.

Therefore, negotiating the offer with the best value is really your best shot. 

Whether you are getting a roof replacement or having repairs done which are not reimbursable from your insurer, you can cut down the cost by discussing with your roofing company.  Understand that whether the quote is negotiable or not depends on the roofing contractor.

Roofers in high demand may not be as willing to negotiate as newer contractors still trying to win over customers.

The timing is also a huge factor as peak seasons will make contractors very busy and less accommodating.

Tip #1: Do your homework about the roofing contractor – his reputation and the quality of the work.

Tip#2: If the contractor is well-known and in high demand, you could try to find some wiggle room on the materials rather than the labor cost.

Tip#3: Your contractor will recommend the materials he deems best. You can suggest other materials that are at par in quality to try the lower the price.

Tip#4: If your roof replacement or repair is not an emergency, you can be flexible with the schedule to try to lower the price.

Remember, too, that roofing projects are popular in spring and summer. If you are looking for roof repairs during the off-season, such as during winter, a contractor may be more amenable to knocking down his price.

Always inform your contractor how much you can afford to spend on a roof replacement. He can consider other options to cut down expenses and meet your budget.

When negotiating the cost, start with a figure way below the original price to see how low he is willing to go. Remember, though, to be wary of very low costs because the materials and labor may not be up to standard.

Start looking for the best price for a new roof from reliable roofing contractors in your area.
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How much does a roof replacement cost?

The cost of a roof replacement varies based on factors such as the location of your home, the type of roof, the size of the roof, the design of the roof (flat, sloped, etc.), and the materials you choose.

Your choice of contractor also affects the price because roofing companies also vary in terms of length of business, insurance, etc.

When it comes to roofing materials, you can choose from a few options, some more expensive than others. While cheaper ones don’t last very long, they are easier to get installed if you are on a small budget.

While it is not easy to give an accurate price without considering specific details, we are presenting below the average cost of a roof replacement to guide you in planning your project.

In Canada, the average cost of a roof replacement is from $5,000 to $15,000.


Average cost of a roof replacement

Low Cost

Average Cost

High Cost


If you want an economical solution, a shingled roof is a good choice. For asphalt shingles, the average cost is $2.50/square foot while cedar shingles cost more at $12/square foot.

Wood or cedar shingle roofs cost an average of $800++ per square foot but the lifespan is about 30 to 40 years. Despite its higher price, you can see it is an investment that will last a long time.


Do you need a full or partial roof replacement? 

If you need a complete roof replacement, the cost is higher. Previous materials need to be removed and disposed of.

While a partial replacement can cost about $5,000, a full replacement could cost from $7,500 or more.  The size of the roof and your selected roofing material will account for the price difference.


Roofing Labor Cost per Square Foot

The cost of labor must be considered on top of the cost of the roofing materials. Both will account for your final price.

The labor for roofing projects usually cost about $3 per square foot, depending on the type of roof to be installed and the condition of the roof. Other costs such as the removal of existing materials and their disposal are also considered in the estimate.

Re-roofing a house with a roof of 1,000 square feet costs around $5,000 on the low end.


Popular roofing materials and their lifespan

Slate roof installation by a roofing contractor.

When you are putting in a new roof, you need to know how long you can expect it to last. This depends on the type of material used for your new roof.

Type of Roofing material
Average Lifespan
Aluminum roof 5-7 years
Asphalt shingle roof 20 years
Slate roof 50 years
Wood shake roof 40 to 50 years
Metal roof 40 to 70 years

Of course, the better the maintenance you give to your roof, the longer they will last.


FAQs about roofing replacement roofing contractors

Ask questions from roofing contractors for your project.

Here are a few FAQs to help in preparing and planning a successful roofing project.

How can I get a roofing quote?

To know the price of your roof replacement, fill out the short online form on this page. Our roofing partners will be happy to send you competitive quotes based on your roofing material so you can choose the best offer.  Our partners will need to know the measurements of your roof and the condition to be able to give you an accurate quote based on the scope of the project.

Are roofing estimates free?

Roofing companies offer free estimates to compete for your project. This will let you know the potential cost of your project and choose from different bids.

Keep in mind that a roofing estimate is just that – an estimate. Once you select a contractor, he will need to inspect the roof and provide you with a more accurate quote.

When should I pay a roofing contractor?

A reputable contractor will never ask for a full payment outright. He will, however, request a deposit to cover at least the materials for your roof.  It must not be more than 30% of the roofing quote. The contract will specify the terms and conditions of the payment.

Is a roof replacement under warranty?

A roof replacement can have different types of warranties – the workmanship warranty (from the roofing contractor), manufacturer’s basic warranty, and the manufacturer’s extended warranty.

The workmanship warranty from the roofing contractor guarantees the quality of the work. Many contractors offer 10 to 12 years warranty on the roof installation but this also depends on the material used.

The manufacturer’s warranty is also called a product warranty and covers any defects on the material.  This does not cover the cost of labor or the cost of disposal.

How often must you replace a roof?

Each type of roof has an average lifespan. Know the life expectancy of your roof and replace it if it has reached its life expectancy or if you experience problems such as leaks.

Should I replace or repair my roof?

It is advisable to replace the roof if repairs have been done and don’t solve the issues. The age of the roof is a major consideration. In the long run, it is more cost-effective to replace an aging roof than to continue frequent repairs. Consult a roofing contractor to find the best solution for your roof.

How do I know my roof needs a replacement?

If problems with your roof are frequent, that is a tell-tale sign that you need a replacement.

Other signs include the age of the roof, missing or damaged shingles, leaks that don’t get resolved, or loose flashing.

Can I install my new roof?

If you are a roofing professional, go right ahead. A roof replacement requires tools and skills that the average homeowner may not have. Avoid putting yourself and your home at risk and choose a roofing contractor for the job.

Will my home insurance cover the roof replacement?

A home insurance policy may cover roof damage but it varies based on the type of policy and your insurer. Insurance companies evaluate claims based on the cause of the damage and if replacement is absolutely necessary. The best thing to do is to check with your insurer.


Compare free roofing quotes for your roof replacement

Many things in life are negotiable and roofing quotes are no exception!

There are various factors that come into play but since a new roof is a major investment, it doesn’t hurt to try to reduce the price.

Interview the roofing contractor, ask for his recommendations, and ask questions about your project. Be well-informed so you can make the right choice.

When a roofing contractor submits a final bid, perhaps it is best to stop pushing. After all, you want quality in your roof and cutting corners to cut down on the price is never a good idea.

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Master roofer installing a new roof.

Are you thinking of replacing your roof? A roofing project may not be as exciting as renovating interior rooms but it is a necessity. If your roof is starting to leak and your energy bill is higher than usual, a roof replacement should be a priority.

Of course, most homeowners consider a roof replacement once issues become obvious. They want to protect their valuables and feel safe and comfortable in their homes. But the roof is also a primary insulator and when the summer heat is not properly absorbed, your energy bill will shoot up. Hence, there are other advantages you can get from a brand-new roof, including increasing the value of your home.

If you plan to sell your house, an old or damaged roof is a huge drawback, especially during a home inspection.

Find out more about installing a new roof, including the cost, types of roofs to consider, and the benefits of this investment.

You can also compare free and no-obligation quotes from our roofing partners by filling out the short online form on this page.


Cost of a roof replacement vs. home value

Roof renovations increase home value.

According to Remodeling Magazine, a roof replacement can increase the value of a home by about $12,000.  Survey results show that a roof renovation has a return on investment (ROI) of about 63% at resale.

But it is not just about the increase in resale value that you must think about. You should also remember that a new roof will increase energy efficiency. For instance, asphalt shingles can lower the temperature of the roof up to a maximum of 50 degrees which will allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently.

You can also take advantage of tax benefits with such eco-friendly or energy-efficient home improvements.

In the end, a new roof gives better protection to your home, helps you save money on energy bills, increases your comfort and safety levels, and adds to the value of your home at resale.

These are all tremendous advantages you obtain when you decide to replace your aging roof.  The cost of your roof renovation will depend on several factors such as the condition of your roof, the materials you choose, the size of the roof, and your roofing contractor.


The price of a roof replacement

Metal tiles roof on a home.

Let’s look at some figures to help you narrow down the cost. If you choose basic shingles, you should budget from $6,500 to $13,500 for materials plus labor. For higher-end materials such as slate or wood shingles, that amount could increase from $20,000 to $40,000.

Other factors can affect the total cost of your roof replacement:

  • Inflation
  • Labour
  • Waterproofing
  • Insurance
  • Waste removal and disposal
  • Accessibility of your roof
    (sloped roofs or very slanted roofs have higher labor costs)
  • The type of roofing materials you choose
  • The condition of your roof

Because many factors could increase the price of your roof replacement, it is important to compare quotes from reputable contractors so you can get the best price.

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When do you need a roof replacement?

Water leak from damaged roof.

A roof replacement is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, it can be an expensive project. In most cases, homeowners decide to replace a roof because repairs can no longer resolve the issues.

There are tell-tale signs that you need to consider a roof replacement:

  • Mold on the roof;
  • Water leaks:
  • Sagging roof;
  • Missing shingles;
  • Dented shingles;
  • Damaged flashing;
  • Stains inside the home.

The roof is one of the most important components of your home. If you need a roof replacement, act soon rather than later.

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What is the best material to choose for your new roof?

Worker installing asphalt shingles on a roof.

Modern technology for roofing shingles make them more attractive and very durable.

Let’s take a look at the best materials for a roof replacement. Compare the costs and their benefits so you can choose the right fit.


Asphalt Shingles

On average, an asphalt shingle roof costs from $3 to $6 per square foot. This is one of the least expensive roofing materials in the market. For a house about 2,000 square feet, the materials alone would cost at least $5,500 to $6,000.

Asphalt shingle roofs could last from 15 to 30 years depending if it is a basic one or architectural.

There are 3 common varieties of asphalt shingles which are:

  • 3-tab asphalt shingles which are the most commonly seen
  • Fiberglass shingles are thinner, more durable, and easy to install
  • Organic shingles are heavier and less eco-friendly which is opposite to what its name implies.

Asphalt shingles are affordable and durable and very flexible in design. They also come in different textures and colors which could mimic slate or wood.

Overall, you could pay anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000 for an asphalt shingle roof.


Rubber roofing

Also called EPDM, rubber roofing is sustainable and durable but with cheaper costs than slate or metal roofs.

A rubber roof is easy to repair with shingles to replace small damaged areas. This makes it cost-effective in terms of maintenance. Note that a rubber roof can also last from 15 to 30 years. It is also resistant to mildew which makes it ideal for areas that get a lot of rain.  They are also recyclable, thus, a good environment-friendly option.

The average cost of a rubber roof for a home with 2,000 square feet is from $9,000 to $15,000, labour included.


Wooden shakes

Wooden shakes conjure images of rustic and charming countryside homes.  In Canada, the most popular wood shakes is cedar but teak and pine can also be good options.

There are different grades for wooden shakes, thus, their prices may vary widely.  The higher the grade, the more durable wooden shakes are.

Cedar shakes, for instance, can last as long as 50 years with proper installation.  It can take around 15 years for water infiltration to set in. Considering the typical weather conditions in Canada, cedar shingle roofs usually last longer than asphalt shingles.

Note that to make them last, it is necessary to maintain your cedar shingle roof.

The typical cost of a wooden shingle roof for a medium-sized home is $18,000++ with labour included.


Metal roofs

A metal roof is very expensive but it offers durability which is 3x more than an asphalt roof. A metal roof can be steel or aluminum which are the least expensive options. Stainless steel, copper, and zinc provide the best quality but are exorbitant in price and beyond the reach of the average homeowner.

Metal roofs last from 30 to 70 years based on the type of installation, the size, and their environment.  They are, however, much harder to repair or replace.

A metal roof can cost from $20,000 to $30,000 with labour included but it depends on the size of the roof and the type of metal.


Concrete roofing

Concrete roofs are quite common in Canada because they can stand up against harsh winter conditions. Concrete tiles are available in a variety of shapes and colors and can mimic Mediterranean architecture or look modern and sleek with flat shapes.

Concrete roofs are also fire-resistant and they can retain heat and resist UV rays.  However, they are heavier and difficult to install.

On average, a concrete roof can cost from $25,000 to $50,000, plus labor costs. As you can see, concrete roofing is more expensive than other types of roofs but a homeowner will get premium benefits from this investment.


Slate roofs

If your budget for a roof replacement is considerable and you don’t mind the cost, slate is a great option. It is expensive, mind you, but it lasts longer than metal and is very sustainable.

Slate easily breaks on impact, hence, only qualified contractors can work on slate roofing. The average cost of a slate roof is $45,000 to $60,000, plus labor.


How much does the labour for a roof replacement cost?

Cost of labour for a roof replacement.

When you have determined the estimated cost of roofing materials for your project, you will need to factor in the cost of labour. This usually accounts for about 60% of the total cost of a roof replacement. Hiring the best contractor and budgeting the labour cost are important.

Contractors can charge for installation of your roof from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on the scope of the work. The price also depends on the type of material. Materials such as slate or metal are harder to work with, thus, the cost of labour would be higher compared to aluminum roofs.

Labour is cheaper for materials such as foam, rubber, and asphalt compared to cedar shakes or concrete.  Solar roofing systems have also become very popular for their energy-efficiency benefits and tax incentives.

Contractors estimate the labour cost per square foot and this includes the disposal of old roofing materials. Accessibility is also a factor and could drive up the cost for very sloped or slanted roofs.

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Replace or repair a roof: How much is the price?

The cost of your roof renovation will also depend on whether you are doing a full or partial replacement as well as the size of the roof area.

For a home of 1,000 square feet with average roofing materials expect to spend about $5,000 to $6,000 for the removal and complete replacement of the roof.

If part of the roof can be retained, a partial roof replacement could be less expensive.

If you need to replace some shingles, the cost can start at $2,000 but increase if you live in an older home that needs rafters to be replaced.

Keep in mind, too, that the cost of your roof replacement also depends on the slope of the roof and its accessibility.

A reliable roofing contractor is the best professional to advise you if you must get a partial or full roof replacement depending on the age and condition of your roof.


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Compare Roofers Quotes would like to provide you with a detailed explanation of the price, benefits and function of asphalt shingle roofs for your consideration.

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Why install an asphalt shingle roof in Quebec?

asphalt shingle roof materials for your home with free quotes.

What is an asphalt shingle roof?

In Quebec, nearly three quarters of all homes are covered with asphalt shingles. Made from asphalt, bitumen, aggregates and fibres (organic or inorganic), shingles are available in two main models.

Two types of shingles in Quebec

Organic shingles. This type of shingle represents the “traditional” method of shingle manufacture which consists of dipping the recycled paper reinforcement in a hot bitumen solution at high pressure. The flexibility of this type of shingle makes it ideal for winter installations, especially since it is resistant to temperature variations.

Fiberglass shingles. Composed of three layers of fiberglass, asphalt and aggregate, fiberglass shingles are the most popular option today because of their superior strength. Requiring less asphalt than organic shingles, fiberglass shingles are less expensive and less vulnerable to heat.

What are the components of asphalt shingles?

  • The aggregate layer (surface layer giving color to the shingle)
  • The asphalt layer which accounts for its waterproofing and resistance
  • The reinforcement layer – asphalt-coated felt or fiberglass mat, depending on the shingle chosen
  • The adhesive tape
  • Nailing tape

Each of these components plays an essential role in the strength of the shingle and especially in its longevity. The qualityof the shingle is just as important as the compliance of the installation. Make a smart choice to maximize the benefits of your investment.


Pros and Cons of asphalt shingle roofs

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most popular across Canada because they are less expensive to install and offer durability.

Below you will find the pros and cons of asphalt shingle roofing:

Advantages of asphalt shingle roofs

  • Asphalt shingles are less expensive – Compared to other roofing materials, asphalt shingles are one of the least expensive options, placing it at the top of most homeowners’ list.
  • Asphalt shingles are flexible in design– This type of roof is flexible and can suit any style of home. They also come in different styles such as laminated and premium designs which means your home can have more curb appeal.
  • Asphalt shingles can be easily installed – This material is light and can be cut easily which makes it easy to install. Minimum prep work is needed and no special tools, too. It also takes less time to install an asphalt shingle roof compared to other roofing types.
  • Asphalt shingles can be replaced easily– You won’t need to replace the entire roof if some shingles are missing or damaged.

Disadvantages of asphalt shingle roofs

  • Asphalt shingles are less resistant to strong winds– Cheaper asphalt shingles can be vulnerable to strong winds and they can get detached more easily. This also makes them vulnerable to leaks.
  • Asphalt shingles are prone to cracks– Because they are light, asphalt shingles are prone to cracks when exposed to extreme changes in temperature. Heat can cause asphalt shingles to crack.
  • Asphalt shingles must be installed during warm weather- It’s not recommended to install asphalt shingles in winter time when temperatures are low or freezing. The shingles can get damaged during the installation process.
  • Asphalt shingles don’t offer a unique look– Although your curb appeal won’t suffer any negative effects, asphalt shingles won’t make your home stand out, either.
  • Asphalt shingles are less durable– Being lighter and cheaper, they are also lower in quality and don’t last as long as more expensive roofing materials.

These are some of the most important pros and cons of asphalt shingle roofing. Weigh them and take into account your budget, future plans, and needs when making your decision.

You should also consult a reputable roofing contractor from our network to get valuable advice from an expert. Just fill out the short online form below to receive FREE and NO-OBLIGATION quotes.


Cost of asphalt shingle roofs in Quebec

The affordability of asphalt shingle roofing makes it the most popular option in Quebec and across Canada.

Take a look at the average cost to install an asphalt shingle roof based on size to see if it suits your needs and budget.

Compare Roofers Quotes will help you to compare the prices of asphalt shingle roofing in 2022!

Size (in sq. ft.) Cost (with installation)
500 – 1,000 $1,300 to $3,000
1,500 – 2,000 $3,500 – $7,500
2,500 – 3,500 $7,000 – $10,000
More than 4,000 $12,000++

The standard cost to install an asphalt shingle roof is from $4 to $6 per square foot but the price can vary among contractors.


Factors that affect the cost of asphalt shingle roof installation

Factors that affect the cost of a roof installation.

If you hire a roofing contractor for an asphalt shingle roof installation or replacement, his estimate will be affected by factors including:

Size of the roof: The size of your roof will dictate the cost of your roof. The larger it is, the more materials will be needed and the longer it takes to install. This increases the cost of labour.

Roof incline:  The pitch of the roof is critical. The steeper the incline, the more difficult it will be to work on the roof. More safety equipment will be needed. This makes the project more complex and, thus, more expensive to do.

Accessibility: Some types of roof are not easily accessible (based on height, pitch, etc.) If special equipment are needed, the cost to install the roof increases.

Materials: The type of shingles you choose also affect the cost of your roof. Asphalt shingles are available in 3 styles – 3-tab, basic shingles, and architectural shingles. 3-tab shingles are cheaper and flat while architectural ones give a 3-dimensional look, are more durable and higher in price.

Warranties: Estimates may also be higher if the warranties are good compared to those with short-term or standard warranties.

Usually, estimates from contractors include the removal and disposal of any old shingles or underlayment and any permits required from the municipality.


How long does an asphalt shingle roof really last?

Lifespan of asphalt shingle roofs in Quebec.

If you talk to a roofing contractor, he’ll probably tell you 15 to 30 years. The lifespan of your roof will vary based on factors including the weather and the quality of the installation and maintenance.  Some 3-tab shingles have a 25-year manufacturer warranty while dimensional shingles could have up to 30-year warranties.

With proper venting and installation, you can get as much as 85% lifespan from your asphalt shingle roof. This means your roof can last about 22 years (for 3-tab shingles) or 25 years (for dimensional shingles).


The top 5 causes of Roof Damage

Homeowners in Quebec will need to face the question of a roof replacement considering the severe weather conditions in the province.

As roofs age and the shingles are constantly exposed to severe conditions, repairs and inevitably, a replacement become necessary.

The top 5 reasons that cause damage to roofs are:

  • Wind
  • Temperature Changes
  • Age
  • Damage to drainage System/ Gutters
  • Damage to ventilation system

When you hire a roofing contractor, he will perform a thorough roof inspection to recommend possible repairs or if necessary, complete replacement.


FAQS about asphalt shingle roof installation or repairs

Know your options for your roof renovation.

We know you need as much information as possible to help you plan your roof renovation.  We hope to answer your questions so you can plan your project accordingly.

Is it possible to put asphalt shingles on a flat roof?

A minimum slope of 9.5 degrees is required to install an asphalt shingle roof. Since a flat roof has zero pitch and the shingles are not adequately waterproof, they are not suitable for a flat roof

What are some signs of worn shingles?

There are signs that you need to repair or replace your roof. These include loose or missing shingles, the presence of asphalt granules in the gutter, water infiltration or leaks, and mildew. Don’t ignore these signs and get connected to a roofing contractor ASAP.

How do you know if you need to repair or replace the roof?

Minor issues such as some loose or missing shingles can be fixed by simple repairs. If several issues are present, such as extensive degradation of the roof and your roof is quite old, it may be better to consider a roof replacement. A qualified roofing contractor can examine your roof and present you with your best options.

Is the installation of a shingle roof guaranteed? What protections are offered?

Yes! Roofing contractors guarantee the quality of the work for at least 5 years. Extended warranties are also available from some contractors. Of course, manufacturers also provide warranties for the materials which can be from 15 years or more.

What is my option if the roof pitch is low?

For flat roofs, elastomeric membranes or EPDM are good alternatives. For inclined roofs, sheet metals can also be an option but the cost is a bit higher.

Do you need to find a roofing contractor that specializes in asphalt shingles?

Most contractors provide asphalt shingle roof installation and as long as the roofer is a member of the Commission de la construction du Québec(CCQ) and has years of experience, he is qualified to install asphalt shingles.

What are the possible alternatives to the shingle roof?

If your roof is not compatible with asphalt shingle roofs, you can install an elastomeric membrane or a sheet metal roof. Both options are very durable.

Is underlayment required for an asphalt shingle roof?

It depends on the building code in your area. Building codes vary from one city to the next and many building codes require roofing underlayment. A local roofing contractor is the best person to consult regarding your roofing requirements.

What are organic shingles and fiberglass shingles?

Fibre glass shingles look the same as organic asphalt shingles but they have a fibreglass base. They are also lighter because they contain less asphalt. The installation is also similar for both types of shingles.

Both types also have pros and cons so consult a reliable roofing contractor to know which material is most suitable for your house.

Who are the major manufacturers of asphalt shingles in Quebec?

The major manufacturers of asphalt shingles in Quebec are CertainTeed, IKO, Owens Corning, BF, and GAF.

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Asphalt Shingle Roofing quotes from contractors

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Roofing renovations are important because they have a significant impact on the function and value of the home. The cost of a roof replacement is not cheap, therefore, comparing your options is really essential.

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Would you like to see the peeling or missing shingles replaced? A metal roof is a good option to consider.

Metal, steel, or aluminum roofs are becoming popular again among homeowners in Quebec.

Style and durability come together in a metal roof! To see if this roofing material is the right choice for you, learn more about its pros and cons.

Get accurate quotes from reputable roofers in your area using our short online form, free and no-obligation!


Why install a metal roof on your house?

Metal roofs have been prevalent in the architectural landscape of Quebec for decades. Many ancestral homes in the countryside feature metal roofs that make them more distinctive and interesting.

Just why are metal roofs becoming trendy again?Advances in technology and the natural strength of metal makes it a very desirable option. Next to shingles and other roofing options, metal sheets offer many advantages.

Is metal roofing appropriate for all types of roofs? It is possible to install a metal roof on most types of houses with a flat roof or at least a very slow slope of not more than 1:12.

Metal sheets are also well-adapted to Quebec’s climate and can resist the cold temperatures in winter and the variations with the change in seasons. Metal roofing can provide your house with a durable covering for a long time despite the incessant freeze-thaw phenomenon in Quebec.


Benefits of sheet metal roofs in Quebec

Incredible resistance to freezing temperatures.

A sheet metal roof can last from 40 to 50 years, on average. The durability of a metal roof makes it one of the best options on the market insofar as price vs. value is concerned.

Many homes with metal roofing have not needed a repair or a replacement during their lifespan. That is, indeed, unbeatable value!

Incredible resistance to weather conditions

Shingles may peel off during strong winds or crack in freezing temperatures. Sheet metal roofs, in contrast, offer far more resistance to these weather conditions. Equipped with a waterproofing membrane, a sheet metal roof has an impermeable covering that will preserve the integrity of your home.

Easy and simple maintenance

Sheet metal roofs resist mold, too! Maintenance is really easy and simple but you will need to watch out for rust.

100% recyclable material

If you are concerned about the environment, you will be happy to know that metal roofing materials are 100% recyclable even after decades of use.

Higher energy efficiency

Rust has reflective properties and acts as an energy-efficient coating. You can avoid energy losses and maintain maximum benefits from heating and air conditioning at all times.

50-year warranties available

Metal roof suppliers know the durability and high quality required by customers and offer warranties of up to 50 years on sheet metal roofing. This protects homeowners from premature appearance of rust or other issues covered by such warranties.

The benefits offered by metal roofing are truly significant. Make an informed choice for your roofing renovation by comparing multiple quotes from experienced roofing contractors from our network.

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What are the disadvantages of metal roofing?

Now that you know the benefits of metal roofs, it’s time to learn any disadvantages from this type of roof.

Higher Price

It is a fact that sheet metal is more expensive than asphalt shingles. However, you are paying for higher quality.

Sheet metal can be twice more expensive than shingles but their lifespan can be 3 times longer.

Thus, if you don’t mind paying for higher value and want a long-lasting roof, a metal roof would be a great option for your home.

Noise level

Sheet metal roofs can make more noise during bad weather compared to shingles or other membrane alternatives.  Modern methods of installation reduced the noise level but it can still be something for you to consider.

Complex installation

Shingles can be installed easily by most roofers but sheet metals are something else!

Installing sheet metal roofing is complex and requires skilled labor. For this reason, the cost of installation is higher for sheet metal roofs than asphalt shingles.

Despite these drawbacks, metal roofing is still a very good option for homeowners looking for a roof replacement in Quebec.

Interested in a metal roof? Compare actual quotes from reliable contractors in your area. Just fill out the short online form on this page, free of charge.


The price and lifespan of metal roofing

Installation of sheet metal roofing by contractors.

The lifespan of sheet metal is legendary. How long does a metal roof really last?

Compare the cost and lifespan of the different types of metal roofing materials in Quebec in 2022!

Type of metal
Average Cost Lifespan
Basic sheet metal
$4 to $5 per sq. ft. 40 to 50 years
Galvanized steel
$10 to $25 per sq. ft. ++ 50 years
$8 to $12 per sq. ft. ++ 50 years
$20 to $30 per sq. ft. 70 to 100 years

In Canada, the average size of a roof is around 2000 sq. ft.  Thus, the cost of installing a metal roof starts at $10,000 but could go as high as $40,000, depending on the type of metal you chose.

Of course, the actual price also depends on your choice of roofing contractor and the condition of your existing roof.

The best way to know how much your new roof will cost is to get actual quotes tailored to your home using our short online form!

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How to choose the right metal for your roof?

Blue metal roof tiles for installation in a home.

You will find a variety of metal roofing materials on the market. For the best choice, compare their features and weigh their pros and cons.

You should also consult a reliable roofing contractor to know your best options.

Galvanized steel roofing

Galvanized steel or corrugated metal is coated with a barrier of zinc to further insulate the roof from the outside elements. This is also provided with a galvanized finish.

Available in different styles, galvanized steel roofs are highly-resistant to mold and provides excellent value for money.

Stainless steel roofing

This type of metal roof offers increased rust protection as well as thermal properties that allow it to reflect sunlight. While expensive to install, it requires no maintenance for a long time.

Aluminum roofing

Resistant to rust and deformation for a long time, aluminum as a covering can increase home value. It has aesthetic appeal as well as durability for more value for your money.


This is the most upscale material for metal roofs and can be seen in heritage buildings such as the Chateau Frontenac. This is, by far, the most expensive option.


Essential components of a sheet metal roof

Installing a metal roof is more than just laying sheet metal on the roof. It is a complex process that consists of several layers that are responsible for ensuring an impeccable seal on your roof.

The following components must be installed to ensure a quality installation.

  • The waterproofing membrane (underlay preventing water infiltration)
  • Sheet metal screws and rubber rings (prevents water from entering through screw holes)
  • Moldings, flashings and starter strips (ensures an adequate and waterproof finish)
  • Finally, sheet metal (depending on the type of metal you have chosen)

Do you have technical questions regarding the installation of a sheet metal roof? Get accurate answers from our expert partners in all types of metal roofing.

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Factors that affect the price of Metal Roofing

Components of a metal roof affect its total price.

A few factors impact the final cost of a metal roof installation, including:

  1. Substrate Metal
  2. Panel Design
  3. Finishing
  4. Underlayment
  5. Roof design
  6. Location
  7. Labour
  8. Stripping and Disposal

Galvanized steel and aluminum are the most popular options for metal roofing because they both provide excellent value and performance.

For the design, you will find 2 popular options – interlocking panels and overlapping panels.  Interlocking panels are more expensive because they have more details and are more complex to install. They also have a better finish which increases the cost.

The finish or coating is also important as it affects the lifespan of the room and its aesthetics. Polyester paint is cheap but does not last long while PVDF is the industry standard for more durability.

The underlayment is crucial for defense and is also considered in the cost.

The physical location of your house also affects the cost. If special equipment is needed to access it or special permits for parking are required, they are factored into the cost.

Finally, many roofing companies have liability insurance and WSIB which are considered in their cost. If your roofing project is complex and labour-intensive, you pay more for the installation.


FAQS about metal roof installation in Quebec

Get answers to FAQs about metal roof installation in Quebec.

A metal roof renovation is not an easy or inexpensive project so we know you want as much information about it to plan ahead.

Check out these FAQs to give you tips and help you prepare and choose the right roof and contractor for your roof replacement.

How long does a metal roof last in Quebec?

While expensive, a metal roof is a smart investment because it can last for 50 years or more. You can also save on energy bills because metal roofs are energy-efficient.

Is it required to hire a specialized roofer to install a sheet metal roof?

Absolutely! Sheet metal can only be installed by professionals because the technique (cutting, screwing, and laying) requires special skills and tools.

Can rust on a metal roof be treated?

Yes, rust will set in after some time and you can prevent it from spreading by asking a roofer to treat it with paint.

How long will it take to install a metal roof?

It could take from 2 days to over a week, depending on the size of your roof, the weather, and other factors. Your roofing contractor will include the start and finish date of your roofing project in your contract.

Do I need to get a permit for a metal roof installation in Quebec?

How does the cost of metal roofing compare with other roofing materials?

A metal roof can cost three times more than an asphalt shingle roof but remember that it also lasts longer and can save you money in the long-term for maintenance and repairs.

Will the metal roof be noisy when it rains?

This depends on the type and design of your metal roof but in some cases, the noise can be more compared to other types of roofs.  If your metal roof has folds, the noise could be less than a flat metal roof.

Do I need a permit to install a metal roof?

A permit is not usually required to repair or maintain the roof such as for replacing shingles.  If your roof structure is affected or changed or the insulation is affected, you need to obtain a permit. Check with your municipality or coordinate with your roofing contractor if he will obtain any required permits on your behalf.

How does a metal roof affect the value of my home?

A metal roof can increase the resale value of your property. Potential buyers will appreciate the durability of the roof and its low maintenance requirements. It also has aesthetic appeal which can help to sell your home fast.

Is a metal roof more expensive than cedar shake roofing?

No, a metal roof is less expensive than wood or slate roofing and the lifespan is comparable. Also, metal roofs require almost no maintenance whereas cedar shake roofing does.

Won’t a metal roof look ugly or plain?

Not at all. Metal roofs come in a variety of designs and colors, thereby increasing their aesthetic appeal. There are shingle-type metal roofing materials as well as interlocking designs for your consideration.

Is it true that metal roofs are fireproof?

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of metal roofs in many parts of Canada is that they fireproof.

What are some of the best characteristics of metal roofs?

Aside from the cost vs. value perspective and their longer lifespan, metal roofs can be ideal for your home because insects like termites cannot eat a metal roof and they are resistant to mildew and mold. They also conduct heat faster so snow slides off faster than on other types of roofs.  Of course, they are also virtually fire-resistant.

As you can see, metal roofs are highly desirable for their many advantages and conveniences to homeowners.

If you need a roof replacement for your home or you are building a new house, consider a sheet metal, aluminum, or steel roof as a smart investment.


Compare roofing quotes for a new metal roof

A well-installed high-quality metal roof is a profitable and long-term investment. It will increase the resale value of your property and give you peace of mind for decades to come!

With a lifespan of 50 years or more, you can feel confident about the roof above your head and not worry about maintenance or repairs for a long time.

You need to choose the right roofing contractor for your roof renovation to ensure you pay the right price and get the best value for your money.

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Cost of cedar shingle roofs for materials and installation.

Nothing says quality and durability quite like cedar shingles.

Your house will surely stand out with a cedar shingle roof that speaks of high class and style.  If cedar shingle roofs appeal to you and you want it for your home, the next step is to find out the cost of installing a cedar shingle room in your area.

Compare Roofers Quotes is here to explain in detail the prices, advantages, and even disadvantages of a cedar shingle roof.  You can now make a well-informed choice about your roof so you can feel confident about your decision.

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Reasons to choose a cedar shingle roof for your home

This type of roof covering has been popular for centuries. Even in this modern age, homeowners still covet cedar shingle roofs despite the expensive price.

Two types of cedar are commonly used for shingles – white cedar and western red cedar.  They are most resistant and don’t rot, hence, they are perfect as roofing materials!

They are so durable that they can last for more than 50 years.

Is it difficult to install cedar shingle roofing?

Yes, this roofing project is complex and should be done by experienced and specialized roofers.

They are also most suitable to houses with sloped roofs. It cannot be installed on a flat roof because it won’t have adequate waterproofing.

Cedar is a guarantee of quality and durability. Compare all the advantages and disadvantages of a roof to make the right choice for your home!

Advantages & Disadvantages of a cedar shingle roof

home with cedar shingle roof.

Cedar is a natural material offering great resistance as a roofing shingle! Is this the only advantage of this type of roof? Absolutely not! Below are the benefits of installing a cedar shingle roof.

Advantages of cedar shingle roofs:

  • Very durable and can last approximately 50 years
  • Does not rot
  • Easily to repair
  • Environment-friendly
  • Great value for money


Disadvantages of cedar shingle roofs:

  • Expensive to install
  • Turns gray in color after a few years
  • Not suitable for flat roofs

While cedar shingles have some shortcomings, the benefits offered are substantial and far more numerous.

You can spread the the cost of installing cedar shingles over its potential life span of 50 years and you will see how much money you can save over time.  Indeed, you will be getting great value for choosing cedar shingle roofing!

What is the price of installing a cedar shingle roof?

When planning a home renovation, price is always an important determining factor.

Are you going to spend an outrageous amount if you choose a cedar shingle roof?  Not necessarily. While cedar shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingles, the quality-price ratio still makes it a very affordable solution.

Compare the price of larch, cedar, and asphalt shingles to get an idea of the cost of roofing in Ontario in 2022!

Type of roofingPrice per square footAverage lifespan
Cedar shingles$1530 to 50 years
Larch shingles$10 to $2570 to 100 years
Asphalt shingles$3 to $515 to 20 years

Why is larch shingle more expensive than cedar?

In terms of quality and durability, larch offers a slightly better performance than cedar. This is the reason for its higher cost. Its longer lifespan can well compensate for the more expensive cost and you will be getting additional quality.

Which type of wood offers the best value for money, larch or cedar?

While larch is more expensive than cedar, the price-performance ratio of these two types of roofing material is similar. Cedar is less expensive but it has a shorter lifespan. By comparing the characteristics of these two wooden roof coverings, we can conclude that the price-quality ratio for the two is very similar.

Is it worth paying for the higher cost of a wooden roof?

In terms of durability, there is no doubt that cedar and larch are at the top of the list because they can last several decades. In contrast, asphalt shingles usually last for only 15-20 years. Cedar and larch are, therefore, almost impossible to match for durability and resistance to the elements except, perhaps, for metal roofs.

Is it difficult to maintain a cedar shingle roof?

Cedar does not require any special maintenance. Over time, your cedar shingles will turn gray and present a more rustic look. This is but natural! By leaving it alone, your cedar shingle will be protected by its natural oils and properties which will be enough for it to maintain its integrity.

Can varnish and stains extend the lifespan of cedar shingles?

Yes, in a complementary fashion! As mentioned, cedar offers a strong natural resistance. However, products such as varnish and stain can prevent premature aging of the cedar and prevent it from graying or deteriorating rapidly. That being said, these products quickly lose their effectiveness in the face of the sun, requiring the application of a new coat after a few years.

Should you wash cedar siding with a pressure washer?

Use this technique with utmost care. Washing an aged cedar shingle with a high-pressure washer could damage the shingle and do more harm than good. Adjust the water pressure and temperature accordingly.

Are larch shingles a good option for a wooden roof?

What is a larch roof? Larch roofing is installed in the form of shingles like cedar. The only difference being that it is a more premium type of wood and therefore more expensive.

Why should you choose larch if it is more expensive to install? Because the benefits are really worth considering. See for yourself!

The benefits of a larch shingles:

  • Rustic look
  • Ecological and energy efficient
  • Does not rot
  • Resistant to temperature changes

The disadvantages of larch shingles

  • More expensive cost
  • Complex installation
  • Flammable
  • Maintenance/dyeing required after a few years

In conclusion, both larch and cedar shingles perform very well. You can’t go wrong when you choose any of these two for your roof! In the end, price will most likely sway you to one or the other. To give you a fair idea, the average cost to install a cedar asphalt roof is from $12,000 to $18,000 while a larch shingle roof may cost much more.

In Oakville, Toronto, and other areas of the GTA where summers are humid and winters snowy, larch shingles are very popular because they can better withstand the drastic weather.

To get accurate quotes to compare for your roof, fill out the form on this page and connect with top roofing contractors near you, free of charge!

How to repair cedar shingle roofs

Although cedar shingle roofs can last for decades, they are not infallible. Earlier in this article, we mentioned that one of the benefits of cedar shingle roofs is they can be easily repaired.

Some signs that your roof needs to be repaired are leaks and damaged, loose, or missing shingles.  When you call in a roof contractor, he could try to fix the leaks but if they persist, a roof replacement may be necessary. This is more appropriate if your cedar shingle roof is 40 years old or more.

Warping is normal as cedar ages but if the warping is severe, it can lead to leaks. A few shingles can be replaced.

Preventive maintenance on your cedar roof is a good thing to do with help from professional roofers.

If you are experiencing problems with your cedar roof, the best thing to do is to consult one of our roofing partners to find the best solution.

Just fill out the form on this page and get connected to the best roofers in your area, free of charge!

Factors that affect the lifespan of cedar shingle roofs

We can’t emphasize enough that cedar shingle roofs are the most durable on the market. Exactly how long a cedar shingle will last can vary from 30 to 50 years, depending on several factors.

  • Wood quality
  • Quality of the installation
  • Foot traffic
  • Maintenance
  • Age of the roof
  • Overhanging trees

If you are planning to install a cedar shingle roof, make sure to hire only qualified roofers that are experts in cedar or larch shingle roof installations.

Compare free and no-commitment quotes today using our short online form and receive competitive offers from our qualified partners serving all of Ontario!

Is it better to reroof with cedar shingles or a new one?

Cedar roofing offers undeniable beauty and elegance. When it comes to a roof replacement, it is the most expensive option.

A few factors can help you decide whether a cedar shingle roof is the right decision for you.

Are you going to live in your home for more than 20 years? If the answer is yes, a cedar shingle roof is a viable option. If your plans are variable, an asphalt shingle roof may be a more practical solution.

Is your budget tight? Asphalt shingles are low on maintenance and cost much less than cedar shingle roofs.  If budget and maintenance are factors that are high on your priority list, you might want to consider asphalt shingles instead.

Obtain multiple quotes from reputable roofers in your area to compare the cost of installing a cedar shingle roof or your other options. Just fill out a short online request form below.

FAQS about Cedar Shingle Roof Installation in Ontario

We know you have some questions about cedar shingle roof installation so we gathered a few ones to guide you in planning your project.

Are wood shingles (cedar/larch) the most durable option on the market?

Wood is one of the most durable roofing materials. Like metal roofs, wood is more durable than membranes and asphalt shingles, making it a truly smart investment. It can also increase your home value.

How long do wooden shingle roofs last?

Wooden shingle roofs can last from 30 to over 50 years, depending on factors such as quality of the wood, the installation, and maintenance and care. Roofers provide warranties from the manufacturers. The warranty for cedar shingles are generally from 30 to 40 years. Some even have extended warranties for over 50 years.

How do I find the right roofer in Ontario?

 There are many roofing companies around Ontario. To narrow your search, request for free quotes using our online request form to receive multiple bids from qualified roofers. When you get your quotes, you can compare prices and choose a contractor based on the company’s experience, reputation, customer service, and price offered.

Beginning April 2017, roofing contractors should have a training card for working at heights.

Are cedar shakes and cedar shingles the same?

The right way to differentiate them is by their thickness. Shingles are thinner while shakes are thicker (more than 3/8”). The installation also differs because shingles are installed over felt while shakes are woven into interlays of felt.

 Do I need a contract with a roofing contractor?

Under the Consumer Protection Act, a contractor must provide a contract for any home renovation worth more than $50. You have 10 days to cancel a contract for any reason without incurring a penalty fee. Of course, if the contractor has started the job, you are still responsible for paying for the materials and labor used.

Will installing a cedar shingle roof increase the value of my home?

Since cedar shingle roofs are durable and very attractive, installing one immediately improves your home. With its extended lifespan, you are sure to save money over time. If you plan to sell your property in the future, having a cedar shingle roof will attract more potential buyers and increase home value.

Compare Roofers Quotes for cedar shingle roofs

If a wooden roof that can last over 50 years sounds good to you, look no further.

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