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What is the price of an asphalt shingle roof in in 2024?

Roof renovations are looming on the horizon? The shingles are starting to lift, and you fear water leaks?

Don’t delay, as your roofing is the last barrier between your house structure and the elements! But at what price will you get an asphalt roof?

asphalt shingles roof cost

Compare Roofers Quotes is here to provide you with a detailed overview of the price, benefits, and operation of an asphalt shingle roof renovation! You will see that these works are not rocket science and that it is quite simple to obtain a quality shingle roof at a good price.

Consult ALL the benefits and prices of shingle roofing works and contact Compare Roofers Quotes to get 3 free quotes!

Why install an asphalt shingle roof in 2024?

What is a shingle covering? In Canada, nearly three-quarters of houses are covered with asphalt shingles. Made from asphalt, bitumen, aggregates, and fibers (organic or inorganic), shingles are available in two main models. Here are the two types of shingles in Quebec and Ontario!

Organic shingle. This type of shingle represents the “traditional” method of shingle manufacturing, which involves dipping the recycled paper reinforcement into a solution of hot bitumen under high pressure. The flexibility of this type of shingle makes it ideal for winter installations, especially since it resists temperature variations.

Fiberglass shingle. Composed of three layers, namely a layer of fiberglass, asphalt, and aggregates, fiberglass shingles are the most commonly used option nowadays due to their superior resistance. Requiring less asphalt than organic shingles, fiberglass shingles are less expensive and less vulnerable to heat.

What are the components of asphalt shingles?

Each of these components plays an essential role in the strength of the shingle and especially in its longevity. The quality of the shingle is just as important as the compliance of the installation. Make a wise choice, and your investment will be even more profitable.

Pros and cons of of asphalt shingle roofing!

Asphalt shingles are an extremely popular choice of roofing material for decades! There must be a reason for this unshakable popularity, don’t you think?

To prove it, check out our comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of a shingle roof!

pros and cons shingles roof

Advantages of shingles

Disadvantages of shingles

Is shingle the best quality-price option available on the market?

A shingle roof may not be the most resistant option when compared to metal or elastomeric/TPO/EPDM membranes. However, in terms of quality-price ratio, it is very difficult to find better than asphalt shingles!

Take the test and request your quote to see the competitive prices of an asphalt shingle roof in Canada in 2024!

What price for a shingle roof in Quebec and Ontario?

Shingles are installed on a large majority of houses in Canada for an extremely simple reason; they are affordable and durable!

This makes them very suitable for both renovators and new home builders.

Compare Roofers Quotes helps you compare the price of asphalt shingle works in 2024!

Shingle Type

Price with Installation


Asphalt Shingle

$3 to $5 per square foot

15 to 25 years

Cedar Shingle

$15,000 to $25,000

Up to 50 years

Does an asphalt shingle roof REALLY last 25 years?

The answer is, it depends! First, for a shingle to last 25 years, several factors must come into play. You will need to have installed a quality shingle on a sloped roof, and the installation must have been done impeccably. When all these stars align, and you proceed with rigorous maintenance, it is indeed possible for your asphalt shingle roofing to last 25 years.

Is your roof renovation project fairly standard? In this case, check out the average cost of roof renovations!

House Model

Asphalt Shingle Installation Cost

Standard Bungalow (1200 square feet)


Cottage (2-story house)


How to maximize the lifespan of a shingle roof (bungalow or cottage)?

Conduct rigorous annual maintenance of your shingle roof and, above all, entrust the installation to a CCQ-certified roofer and member of the Association of Master Roofers. By combining these factors, you will maximize the lifespan of your shingle roof for sure!

What factors affect the price of roofing works?

Even though shingles are among the economical solutions, certain factors can quickly increase the cost of renovation works if you are not careful. These elements are mainly related to the size of your house and the slope of your roof.

Here are all the factors that will increase the cost of your roofing works, so keep an eye out!

It is rare for a roof to have all these factors increasing the price! Each house has certain characteristics that will either increase or decrease the total cost, so consult with a roofer to get a personalized quote for your own house.

Is your roof slope steep enough for shingles?

Shingles may be the most popular roofing material, but they are not suitable for all roof slopes! Indeed, asphalt shingles were invented to cover houses with steep or moderately sloped roofs. So your house must have a certain slope to allow for shingle installation!

To install a shingle roof covering, your roof slope must have a minimum slope of 2:12, which represents an angle of 9.5 degrees. This principle must absolutely be respected because for a slope of 1:12 and less (flat roof), shingles are simply not waterproof enough to protect your house.

What to do if your slope is too low for shingles? For a completely flat roof, you will have no choice but to turn to elastomeric membranes, TPO, or EPDM. In the event that you have a sloped roof but it is too low for shingles, a metal roof could be a very interesting alternative, albeit more expensive.

Signs of worn or finished shingles - do not ignore the signs!

Before embarking on the renovation of your shingle roof, are you sure that your covering is really worn out and finished? To answer this question, just keep an eye out to detect signs of wear on your shingle roof!

Here are the main signs of wear not to ignore on your roof!

By noticing such signs, should you repair or replace the roof?

It all depends on the extent of degradation! If only one of these signs has appeared and on a tiny part of your roof, a simple roof repair will suffice. On the other hand, when a large area of your roof starts to lift, it’s time for a complete refurbishment!

Not sure about the severity of the wear on your roof?

No problem, it’s your roofer’s job to give you the truth about the condition of your roof anyway! You just have to turn to Compare Roofers Quotes’ partners to get a clear and precise diagnosis of the condition of your shingle.

Frequently asked questions about asphalt shingle roofs!

Is the installation of a shingle roof guaranteed? What protections are offered?

Absolutely! Roofing works are generally guaranteed for a minimum period of 5 years. To this duration are added the extended warranties that some roofing contractors offer as well as the manufacturer’s warranty for shingles, which can last 15 years or more.

Is it possible to put asphalt shingles on a flat roof?

Unfortunately, no! A minimum slope of 9.5 degrees is necessary to install a shingle covering. Since a flat roof has a zero degree slope and shingles are not sufficiently waterproof, they cannot be installed on a flat roof.

What are the possible alternatives to shingle roofs?

If your slope is too low or your financial means are limited, it will be possible to install an elastomeric membrane or even a metal roof. These alternatives are even more durable than asphalt shingles.

Do you need a roofer specialized in asphalt shingles?

For an asphalt shingle roof, the answer is no! As long as your roofer is a member of the CCQ and has the necessary training, he should be able and competent to install a simple asphalt shingle roof.

Find the best roofer for your shingle roof with Compare Roofers Quotes!

The shingle roof is the timeless classic of roofing materials! By making this choice, you buy quality and peace of mind for the next 15 to 25 years – but you still need to choose quality shingles, installed by a quality roofer to enjoy this durability.

With Compare Roofers Quotes, this is not a problem. Our roofing partners are not only certified but highly qualified as well!

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Simply fill out the form to get 3 quotes from experts in your area
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